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Why does TRACK & TARMAC scout its tours?

Updated: Jan 2

Scouting, or reconnaissance as it’s sometimes known, is an imperative part of making sure TRACK & TARMAC trips run smoothly.

Weeks, sometimes even months before our tours take place, our TRACK & TARMAC guides drive the course to make sure it’s suitable for our guests and their cars.

We consider impending road closures, local events, weather conditions and even scheduled roadworks to make sure we can adhere to our schedule, meaning you get the most from every minute behind the wheel.

It’s also a great way to make sure the route is as enjoyable as possible. Long, boring highway stints just aren’t what we’re about. If we can find a more exiting way to get you from one point to another, then we’re going to take it!

All TRACK & TARMAC tours are mapped and all guests receive a detailed road book with Google Map links on arrival at our rendezvous point. Radio directions are issued regularly on tour, and convoy rules – including the use of a sweep vehicle – are used to make sure no one is left behind.

Our longer tours into remote areas also employ the use of a qualified paramedic. A satellite phone is carried by the tour leader and the sweep vehicle at all times.

For more information, click on the links within our TARMAC tours or contact TRACK & TARMAC now.


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