• Matt Brogan

Why choose TRACK & TARMAC when I could drive myself?

Updated: Jan 2

It’s a great question, and one many of our first-time guests pose, and the short answer is camaraderie.

As well as having a professional guide to help you safely explore roads you might not know exist – and the assistance of a highly-experienced support team – it’s the chance to enjoy like-minded company that sets TRACK & TARMAC tours apart.

Whether it’s a day trip through some of of the challenging high country roads that criss-cross the foothills of the Victorian Alps, or a five-day trek of Tasmania’s exhilarating black-top, the thrill of sharing the adventure with other driving enthusiasts is what makes our tours truly memorable.

We cater our tours to individuals and groups of all ages and encourage driving enthusiasts to take part regardless of what they drive. As long as your car is registered and road-worthy you can feel certain you’ll enjoy driving the roads we tour and much as we do.

Just turn up, turn the key, and turn those miles into smiles. For more information contact TRACK & TARMAC now.


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