• Matt Brogan

TRACK & TARMAC offers detailing for the driving enthusiast

So you’ve been out for your favourite weekend drive – or on a TRACK & TARMAC tour – and now your pride and joy is a little grubby.

Did you know TRACK & TARMAC now offers a car detailing service?

Run by two of TRACK & TARMAC’s most dedicated staff, we know our car detailing service will meet the high standards of even the fussiest driving enthusiast.

We work from our own home to reduce costly overheads and pass the savings on to you.

The team listens to what you need from your next detail to make sure your car is presented to a standard you’ll be happy to show off.

We also provide simple pre-packaged bundles to save on the small talk.

The Quickie:

- Pressure rinse, foam bath, hand wash and dry

- Wheel clean and tyre shine

- UV treat and protect exterior plastics (or chrome polish)

- Crystal clear glass clean

- Interior and upholstery clean

- UV treat and protect interior plastics

- Vacuum carpets, boot and floor mats

from $120 (approx. 4 hours required)

The Romp (as above, plus):

- Paintwork polish and wax

- Wet vacuum or steam-cleaning of upholstery and carpets (as required)

- Ventilation system sanitisation

- Hood lining sanitisation

- Hydrophobic treatment on exterior glass (excludes windscreen)

- Engine bay clean

from $200 (approx. 8 hours required)

The One-Night Stand* (as above, plus):

- Full paint correction and sealing (Silicone or Ceramic Sealant)

- Upholstery wet vacuum or steam-cleaning (includes leather treatment)

from $750 (approx. 12 hours required)

*As the name suggests, The One-Night Stand requires the vehicle to remain with TRACK & TARMAC overnight. This is to ensure the paint sealant is fully cured before the car is returned to you.

Bookings are essential. Please contact Matt or Brendan at to arrange your car's next detail.

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