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TRACK & TARMAC announces collaboration with JKD Racing

Updated: Jan 2

TRACK & TARMAC is thrilled to announce a collaboration with Melbourne-based JKD Racing.

The collaboration aims to bolster TRACK & TARMAC’s ability to provide safe and professionally-run track days as the company prepares to expand its operations into the motorsport arena.

“TRACK & TARMAC and JKD Racing share a mutual background in motorsport, and have shared views on how a track day should benefit its guests,” says Dean Brooking, owner and team manager at JKD Racing.

“We both have a drive to offer continuous improvement in everything we do, and we’re dedicated to offering our business partners and their guests a safe and successful day at the race track.”

Brooking brings over 30 years’ experience to TRACK & TARMAC. He is heavily involved in TCR racing and with the MX-5 Club of Victoria and Tasmania.

Between Brogan and Brooking, TRACK & TARMAC now has affiliations with both Motorsport Australia and the Australian Auto-Sport Alliance respectively, meaning guests’ interests are safely catered to at our track events.

The pair have raced at almost 40 race tracks on five continents on two wheels and four. Locally, those events include the HQ Racing series, Targa Tasmania, the Australasian Safari, the Australian Tarmac Rally Championship and the Bathurst Challenge.

Their shared history brings the benefits of a multitude of motorsport backgrounds to the TRACK & TARMAC team, including sprint car racing, AUSCAR, tarmac rallying, desert racing, TCR, historic touring car racing, MX-5 Sprint racing, drag racing and more.

For more information, or to sign-up for one of our track days, please contact TRACK & TARMAC.


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