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Meet your TRACK & TARMAC guides

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

TRACK & TARMAC simply couldn’t function without the support of our highly skilled guides, navigators and support crew.

To qualify as staff, our team members must have a motorsport background, a love of cars and a passion for driving. It’s also important that they’re just a pleasure to be around.

That’s why we think the crew at TRACK & TARMAC are an ideal fit for the role.

Our team comprises a knowledgeable and amiable group of driving enthusiasts who not only know cars and the roads we travel on, but how to make sure you enjoy your time with us to the fullest.

Randy Stagno-Navarra - TRACK & TARMAC Guide

Randy is a guide who has motorsport in his blood. Both he and his father compete in sprint events regularly. Randy is a self-confessed car nut and MX-5-aholic.

Like many of the staff at TRACK & TARMAC Randy recognises the friendships and connections made through motorsport are thicker than differential oil. He says being around cars his entire life that has not only furthered his social circle, but allowed him to realise just how this tight-knit group of enthusiasts loves to share its passion. He’s been an instructor for many of the years he’s spent on track.

Having raced at a variety of circuits around the country for over 15 years, Randy is well-versed in wheel craft and forever willing to pass along his knowledge. He believes that driving is his ‘release’ and says that when he is in the car nothing is more important than the next corner, and the one after that.

Randy is a passionate MX-5 Club member and has owned more MX-5s than we care to count. He currently has two – one for the track, and one for the tarmac! He reckons they’re the ideal car for a run through the hills and are great fun on the track. We couldn’t agree more.

Niko French - TRACK & TARMAC Guide

At 23, Niko is the youngest member of the TRACK & TARMAC team. He’s an automotive photographer by profession, but as he puts it, a driver at heart.

Niko was raised in a car-savvy household and received lessons from his dad on everything from the workings of the internal combustion engine to the geometry of race-car suspension. He learnt to drive in a Volkswagen Golf GTI, which it’s fair to say has set him on the right path in choosing his own driver’s car.

Now the proud owner of a yellow Lotus Elise, Niko relishes the chance to jump behind the wheel at any chance he gets. He says the Elise has taught him to master balance and car control, and enjoys honing his skills on the very roads TRACK & TARMAC tours.

The Elise is a wonderful driver’s car which Niko says offers a level of connection he hasn’t found elsewhere. He loves the ‘less is more’ philosophy of the Elise, and the purity of its engineering – not even power steering gets in the way of Niko enjoying his car!

Niko understands how exhilarating the right car is on the right roads, and is happy to share his driving tips with our guests at a moment’s notice.

Tim McKone - TRACK & TARMAC Navigator

Tim might have unfortunate taste in cars (they’re usually obscure, European and broken), but his cast-iron stomach and innate sense of direction make him a heck of a great navigator. He works as a high-school teacher by day, has a wonderful way with people, and possesses a dogged ability for getting stuff done.

The majority of Tim’s motorsport experience comes from the passenger side of the car, calling the turns for TRACK & TARMAC manager Matt Brogan in the Australian Tarmac Rally Championship. He’s a dab hand at writing stage notes, too, and can give you pointers on how to read a corner as well as the best of them.

As a TRACK & TARMAC navigator it’s Tim’s responsibility to make sure not only that we don’t get lost, but to keep the tour together via radio, and keep us in check with the tour photographer. The timing of our overnight tours is critical to their success, and in Tim’s capable hands we manage to always be where we need to be on time.

And there’s good reason for getting to our overnight stays on time: Tim is something of an aficionado when it comes to selecting a wine for dinner, and has a great nose for a good coffee the morning after.

Aiden McAllister – TRACK & TARMAC Support Crew

From magazines and Matchbox cars as a kid to real-life automotive aficionado as an adult, Aiden literally lives and breathes cars. A dealership stock controller by day, Aiden immerses himself in the auto trade, and has a passion for V8-powered Aussie metal and of course, Bathurst (don’t we all?).

Able to name any car from a mile-off, Aiden supports TRACK & TARMAC tours from the sweep vehicle. His job is to make sure our guests don’t get left behind, and to assist in the event of a mechanical hiccup. He also keeps our paramedic company, and transports all the equipment we need to make our tours happen.

After owning myriad Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon variants, Aiden recently settled on a grandpa-spec Ford Fairlane as his pride and joy. The immaculately-presented AU-series limo has just 63,000km on the clock and is the ultimate weekend cruiser. We plan on buying him a cardigan and slippers soon…

Aiden says he hopes to expand his automotive collection soon, as is currently taking suggestions as to what to buy next. We’re secretly hoping it will be something more exhilarating than the TRACK & TARMAC support van… perhaps another V8-powered Aussie icon, eh Aiden?


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