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How much do TRACK & TARMAC tours cost?

Updated: Jan 2

TRACK & TARMAC offer single, weekend and five-night packages that can be tailored to individual needs. Depending on the tour, the experience may include meals, overnight accommodation, an expert tour leader, support staff and a professional photographer.

There is also the opportunity to adjust elements of the tour to suit your own budget. For example, the Tasmanian Tarmac Tour can be as cost-effective as sleeping in one of Spirit of Tasmania’s recliner seats, or having an entire suite to yourself.

Get a group of friends together and TRACK & TARMAC will work with you to make the trip even more cost-effective.

The route and accommodation style can be tailored to suit your budget, from bargain motel-style stays, all the way through to the best accommodation regional Victoria and Tasmania has to offer – simply select your preference as you complete the booking form.

Tarmac Tours

- Tasmanian Tarmac Tour – from $1890 per person.

- High Country Tour – from $490 per person.

- Great Ocean Road Tour – from $190 per person.

Track Tours

- Coming soon.


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