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Give the gift of TRACK & TARMAC

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

It wasn’t too long after TRACK & TARMAC went on line in May 2020 that the first bookings started trickling in.

Tarmac rally fans and driving enthusiasts from all over Australia were keen to take part in our inaugural Tasmanian Tarmac Tour, but believe it or not the first booking wasn’t from a passionate driver, or even someone who wanted to ‘tag along’.

No, our first booking was from an eagle-eyed wife wanting that perfect birthday present for her husband. Kylie Rust from Craigieburn, Victoria, has the honour of being TRACK & TARMAC’s very first customer – or should that be her husband, Ben?

“I wanted to give my husband, Ben, an experience for his birthday, not just another present, and this seemed like the perfect gift,” said Kylie.

“He’s a real car-nut, and he’s always wanted to do something like this.”

Kylie said she was happy to stay at home and let Ben enjoy the Tasmanian Tarmac Tour with a likeminded group of driving enthusiasts. TRACK & TARMAC were able to work with Kylie to find a package to suit her budget, and to keep the tour a surprise from her husband. It even meant holding this article until after his birthday had passed!

“Ben absolutely loved the gift voucher,” Kylie added. “He’s really keen to get on the Spirit of Tasmania and meet the group for the four-day trip, it’ll be a really nice ‘boys weekend’ for him, I’m sure.”

We didn’t have the heart to tell Kylie that there are a few girls coming on the Tasmanian Tarmac Tour as well. Perhaps ‘car nuts’ weekend’ is a better description!

Congratulations both on being our first gift-voucher customer(s) and many happy returns to you, Ben. We'll see you in Tasmania.

TRACK & TARMAC offers gift vouchers to any value. Simply contact the team via email to find out more.


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